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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Retreat and Inspiration!

For those of you who were asking about the Scrap Needs retreat, if you click on this link you can find out all the info! It's going to be so fantastic, the location is a beautiful spot on the NSW coast at a resort called Apollo . The design team members, Roz James, Erica Glover, Jen Hall, Mishell Lancett and myself will all be there. There will be competitions and demos and just heaps of fun!

Inspiration - where we were staying at the Outrigger at Kingscliff earlier this week they had these fabulous posters on the wall of their foyer area. They were for advertising various events in the area and just jumped out at me when I saw them on the wall. In true scrapper style I photographed some of them to bring home as inspiration for layout designs.

can't wait to see the los you are inspired to create chris...i must start taking more notice of the things around me so i too can be inspired

Those posters look really cool! I would never think to get pics of something like that.....I will keep it in mind now tho :)

Im looking forward to seeing what you created based on them!
Yep those ad's are differently up my ally!
LOL Chris I do the same and have some fabulous inspirations like this.
Thats DEFINATELY true scrapper style lol. Good on you, they are all fantastic designs. Can't wait to see what you come up with here.
I love fresh inspiration Chris, thanks for showing the pictures! Now just to add huge amounts of colour!!!! LOL!!
Fantastic album Chris...hope you enjoyed the retreat!!!
I would love to go on that retreat...but if we want to get up to QLD in June, then I can't afford this as well.

You've given me some ideas with those boards too !!

Debbie K
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