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Friday, January 27, 2006

Sad news.

Some very sad news, Rachel's little boy Taidhg is very sick. He has been flown with Rach to Auckland hospital for treatment. He's had a blood transfusion today and could possibly need dialysis. Please say some prayers and send good thoughts their way tonight!
Here is Taidhg just a month ago celebrating his first b'day. I can't imagine how scared and worried Rach and her family must be feeling at the moment!
Lets hope Taidhg can recover without the dialysis and that I can report some good news about him soon!
Sending all my good thoughts and get well vibes to the Hoskings!

I will catch up with all my visiting of blogs soon, thanks for those that left comments for while I was away and when I got back!

Hey Chris

So sorry to hear about this little boy. I will def. be praying for him, he seems so small, but all this love will have to pull him through.

On a lighter note, thanks for visiting my blog!!! I hope we can correspond in the future, and I will keep in contact. Thanks for the kind words about my work. I feel all warm and fuzzy. S.
OMG OMG OMG....What the heck has happened? email me ok.

I have text her my love and thoughts....wow....that is tuff.

SENDING HUGE GET WELL THOUGHTS.....argh....I feel sick....that is awfull.

So sorry to hear what is happening with the dear little boy. Big hugs to the family.
The next time you speak with Rach, Chris, please give her my love. My prayers and thoughts will be with her and Taidgh this evening.
OMG!!! Chris that is aweful news, Taidhg is in my thoughts and prayers. Please send Rach my love when you next speak to her, thanks.

Trac x
Please send big hugs to Rachel and Taidhg.
Chris, You don't have to say another word, our thoughts and prayers are with this family right away. Pass our best wishes onto them please.
Ruthy x
oh wah that is so sad Chris, I do hope that he gets better soon, and he is in the best place he can be while he is sick.... will say a special prayer for him and the family.
OMG poor Rach, my thoughts and prayers are with her. Hopefully everything will turn out alright.
Chris i will remember him in my prayers and until he gets better. My daughter's friend is going through a very tragic situation also. So both Baby Molly and Taidgh will be in my prayers.
I got all chocked up reading this - and glad to read in your post above you got in contact with Rach. I'm certainly sending all the potsive get well vibies I can muster their way. I can't even begin to imagine with they are going through right now!!
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