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Friday, January 20, 2006

Tennis and Scrapping don't mix!!!

Pick the mistake in this layout! It's not hard to pick it!!LOL I don't have any 'glue undo' either! Anyone got any homemade remedies for lifting the lettering up?!!!LOL
I've tried lifting it gently and it's going to tear I think. I'm not overly fond of the font on the title now anyway and something looks off balance. So this layout could look totally different next time you see it!LOL

And yes, this all happened because I was trying to watch the tennis and do this layout at the same time!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

LOL Chris - I don't even TRY to scrap while I'm watching the tennis, so last night I even IRONED!! Beautiful LO even with the mistake, love the pp. Look forward to seeing the revamped version ;-)
love it- what a crack up! You need some undo glue- my favourite scrapping supply lol !

I absolutely adoer the lo though- I lvoe the font- so fresh and funky- YUMYUM YUM
OH Chris! LOL!! That will teach you to watch the tennis and scrap at the same time!! lol
ROFL Chris!
doh !!!!!!
it took my 9 yr old to pick the mistake looking over my shoulder chris - isn't it funny what your mind sees when it is expecting to "see" something - iykwim
how behind the times am i....i have NEVER heard of "glue-un-doer"

p.s. hands up who has scrapped an A-N-G-L-E instead of an A-N-G-E-L...???
Oh dear!! Don't you hate that!! My only suggestion is Un-do glue. Good luck. I look forward to seeing the second version.
LOL!! Poor Chris!! It is such a gorgeous LO too!!! Cant wait to see what you do!!!
Oh no Chris!!!

Oops, nope sorry no remedies here.

Maybe turn off the TV!!! lol
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