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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Yummy Goodies!!

These are a few of the bits and pieces I got at the LSS the other day. I think the papers are a bit bright, might have to do a bit of distressing on them!

I had to drop into the shops yesterday to bank some cheques and picked up a little bargain, these shoes for $22! from Williams!! Yay!! The pattern on the box is giving me some ideas for a layout too!!

And the coolest surprise got delivered yesterday! My Junkitz prize arrived!!!! Have a look at all these products! How super generous are Junkitz?! Can't wait to play with all that!

A great big thanks to everyone that has been dropping by my blog and especially for all the lovely comments and hugs for my decision on leaving the CBX team! THANKS!!

WOW Chris you lucky girl all these nice goodies a pair of shoes and inspiration too

Have fun with them and can't wait to see what you do with them.
Oh wow!!! Loving you stash of yummy stuff. Love your shoes too!
LOVE your shoes..and what a super price too!!

Your new goodies look amazing..you lucky girlie

aren't they the cutest shoes!!!
oohh yes I see some a very cool Chris LO happening with that inspiration from that box.
OK stop showing off those cool new letters + pps (which aren't even here + if they will get here).
Tell the postie to hurry with my prize package too :)!!!!!
oh those letters look so yummy and those shoes are a score :) can't wait to see your distressing!
ohh what are those letters - they look divine!! - and I want your shoes too ROFLMAO! [actually I have been on the hunt for new slip ons....hmm might need to look in Williams - hey what can I say you have great taste! :)] Can't wait to see the layout inspired by the box!!! :)

Can't wait also to see all the layouts you do with your new goodies!!!

BTW - what's your LSS???
love all that yummy new scrapping stuff and the new shoes....my shiny shoes i bought for christmas have the same pattern on them - and i got them from williams too.
i love stopping by your blog chris - lets boring me live vicariously through your life and why wouldn't a scrapper want to check out those gorgeous los you produce.
thanks for sharing them with us all

Love your shopping!!!!! What are those letters! Enjoy that Junkitz, race you to layout completion :o)

oh yay!! Look at all your new stuff! And the shoes- yum! And the box- how cool! lol!

Have fun :o)
WOW Chris what a lucky chook you are, all those goodies to play with. The shoes are really nice too.

Trac x
Wow I'm inspired by your supplies, sort of having a common blue theme in there with those beaut shoes. It's flowers and we LOVE that. I agree the shoe box design to good to pass by - Happy scrappin. Love those fancy rub ons designs, shame I can't pull them thru the 'puter for a better look LOL! thanks for stopping by my blog and adding me to yours. Looking forward to getting to know you girls more.
How gorgeous are them shoes!!! And look at all them yummy supplies!!! You lucky thing - I bet you have tons of inspiration after getting all that!!!
OMGoodness Chris!!!

I wanna come and play at your house!!!

And while I'm there, I wonder if we're the same shoe size - hehehehehe!!!

Nicole xx
I'll add my name to the list for the shoes !! Great taste Chris !!

Love the new goodies from your LSS too.

We will have to compare Winter layouts from our Junkitz packs! Although I do have a couple of heritage ideas for my stash !!

Debbie K
OMG.. wanna swapp the 'Girl' papers for Winter or Teen.. rofl.. :) Love your prize pack.. and oh those shoes are so groovy.. like the little pattern on the inside too, very chic..

And sorry to hear that CBX didn't work out as hoped.. hugs..
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