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Monday, February 13, 2006

Ali's challenge part 2

Gosh, I'm finding it harder and harder to get to my blog these days! Before I post the next 5 layouts for Ali's challenge, I want to also post my project for Scrap Needs this month. The project was to scrap a layout that was inspired by an item/object etc. I have this pot plant stand at home that was the perfect inspiration (see pic below!) Can you see the inspiration?? A lot is left up to individual interpretation too. I also did a card that is on the Scrap Needs site too (thanks Kell for the fantastic products to work with!).
Oh, more show and tell! I made this little hangy thing to put around Mishell's arm at her wedding and Kim kindly said she would do it for me as she was going to the wedding (thanks Kim) anyway, me being a dill again didn't put enough stamps on it went I sent it to Kim and it didn't make it there in time!LOL So here it is anyway and the lovely Kim is going to pop it in Shell's letter box! And if you haven't checked out Kim's blog, go do it and see the gorgeous photos of Shell's wedding and how beautifully Kim has written it all!

Now to the rest of Ali's challenge! 5 more of my favourite layouts:
This first one is a fave because it has some very special journalling. Back when Shayla was just 4 months old I did some controlled crying with her and while I was doing it I wrote a letter about it. Then about 12 months ago I came across the letter again (I nearly threw it out!) and it was so special that I put it on this layout with a photo of Shayla when she was 4 months old.Love this one because it's a non person photo and it's something that is special to Jason!This is a really old layout about when Shayla was in hospital for 3 weeks over Christmas 2003. The day Kasey Chambers and crew came to the hospital and did a little concert to us was just magic! When she sung 'True Colours' there lots of tears in the room! This layout makes me remember never to take for granted my children's good health. I love the photo in this one! My friend Penny helped me fix the photo up a bit as Annaliese had some green lights in her hair. I love her little chubby face peeking out in this photo!LOLAnd lastly, this is a really recent one, but I just can't get enough of this photo! Love how completely happy each of the kids look and love the colour in this layout!

Thanks Ali for the great challenge! I've been finding this challenge on many peoples blogs and am loving it! Let me know if you've got it on your blog and I haven't seen it yet!

oh Chris, these LOs are just Beautiful, love the photos, especially the one with the christmas lights!! Love the ldea for mishells thingy too, pity it didnt get there!
Firstly Your LO's are awesome Chris! It's a wonder we didn't bump into each other in hospital in Dec 2003, because my nephew Dean was in hospital too at the time fighting cancer, had a photo taken with Cassey Chambers and I was there probably about twice a week in between looking after the shop.My Brett is an avid reader as well, reads every night, I'm flat out getting through one these days except for scrap mags!
Cheers ruthy x
oh chris thanks so much for sharing these los with me - i loved them when i first saw them and i have fallen in love with them all over again
(maybe the fact that it's valentine's day tomorrow is making me all gusy and lovey dovey do you think....???)
love your scrap needs lo - i actually sketched similar shapes to those you used over the weekend.

Great LO's Chris, I particularly like the first one and the last one! It is so interesting reading why people like LO's and the story behind them. TFS
I love the layout that was inspired by the potplant holder, and, yes, I can definitely see the inspiration!

That layout with Annaliese peeking out at is is just beautiful! But I love all of them - and your reasoning behind why their special to you.

Hmmm... those climbing harnesses leave a lot to be desired, don't they?

well Chris you know i love all your work. Love how they all differ from the next one to the next one. Keep up your fantastic job as a total inspiration to all of us!!!
I love your book one Chris! so much like my Michael, books everywhere all the time!

and how gorgeous is that little hanger for Shell.. she will love it
LOOOOOOVE IT ALL !!! The SN LO is divine, great interpretation there. The bridal hanging thing is very cute and those layouts are amazing. I love the china doll look of Annaliese in the Chrissy one. I printed this one off ages ago and have it in my 'favourites' folder. Thanks for sharing your favourite layouts.
Debbie K
I love the Scrap Needs layout and the inspiration - cool. Thanks for sharing your 10 layouts for Ali's challenge - they are also very cool. Might have to take up the challenge too. Love your stuff Chris.
I love your work Chris! The books layout has been in my faves at SB for a while, and I love seeing the others too which are all fantastic. BTW, at first I thought that was a doll in your unconditional love layout! What a cutie. :)
I am loving this challenge of Ali's...so many gorgeous, treasured layouts.

Wow..you've interpreted that pot and stand fantastically Chris..love the layout.
Chris, you know I just adore your work! Thanks for sharing those layouts with us :o)
Chris, I love the showcase of your favourites and how they show unique aspects of you. You can see your style evolving too.
All your layouts are beautiful Chris, but I particularly love the book one - there's just something stunning about it. Love the kids one too!
Love these LOs! The book one is the bestest! wow!

Chris...i love all those LO's....can't pick a fav but the books one is special, Annalise at the tree and the last one where the kids look so carefree. I love your freestyling and the shoe page....glad I dropped in!!!
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