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Monday, February 06, 2006

Bits and pieces

A few different things to chat about today. Firstly, I was totally spoilt in the mail today by the lovely Debbie Kingston! She sent me the goodies at the front of the pic for my b'day on the weekend. Thank you so, so much Deb!! And look at the gorgeous card she made!! So much hand stitching!!! (and the other card a good friend of mine Jacqui Jones made for me!! Thanks Jac!! Love it)

Also in the first pic is the layout that Julie Love did for me, it arrived today and it was so cool to see it in the flesh! I love it to bits and can't wait to go out shopping for an album to put these swap layouts in! Speaking of swap layouts, here is the one that the very talented Jen Hall did for me! Doesn't it just make you want to jump into a pool?? It's so bright and funky! Thank you, thank you Jen! I love it!!

Sorry, this is a long post! Lastly, Lianne challenged people to put their first layout up on their blog. This is the first layout I did on my own. Before this one I had done 1 Creative Memories layout at a CM party. Then I went to 4 beginners classes that were very structured. But this was the first layout I did all on my very own and thought it was just the prettiest thing!LOL Gotta love those tulips!
Thank you very, very much to all the thoughtful, wonderful people who left lovely b'day wishes on my blog!!!!!

ohh i get to comment first!! wahoo - Belated happy birthday Missy!! I love the layouts from Julie and Jen {saw Jen's on her blog last night and was gobsmacked!)

Love your first ever layout by yourself - It's actually given me an idea rofl!! [now just to see if it will work ;)]

Glad you had great Brithday and have been spoilt rotten :)
Wow what a cool first layout. That is just so cute Chris.
Those pages, cards and gifts are gorgeous.
oh you lucky thing chris, love the LOs!!!! and love your first LO, can be a little nosey, and ask, what letters are those? they look pretty cool. thanks
I love your first ever LO!
tell me chris.....do you ever think those tulips will make a comeback.....rotfl

but on the other hand those other los are just amazing - lucky you

Gosh thats a great first ever layout Chris. I wish mine was that good!
Aww, it's a cute first layout! Some of mine are shockers, and it was only 2 years ago! There's not even any excuse for out of date papers, really.
Ya know, I seem to see a lot of flowers on long stems popping up again (no pun intended :) ) in people's galleries. So, you just hang onto that there LO. Everything goes in circles. You'll be subbing it before you know it ;)
Glad you had a great bday Chris!!! You sure got spoilt you lucky thing!!! Those cards are so lovely! Isnt it the best feeling getting hand made cards!!
Just dropping by Chris to say I lurve those tulips!
wow look at Deb's FANTASTIC card. Deb I know your reading this + that card is just amazing girl. Such talent!!!
I bet you love days like yesterday when the postie brings nice surprises???!!! They all look awesome Chris.
woohooo checkout those tulips - how so cute!!!
Wowee !! Thanks for the lovely comments Chris. Glad you liked your gift. Love that LO by Julie, the colours are glorious.

Seen that tulip one before !! LOL !! While the style may have changed, the craftmanship is still the same (I'm a big suck !!!).
Debbie K
Well, that's a way better layout than my first Chris, which by the way I redid, and now could redo again!

There's a little birthday pressie on it's way today to you, belatedly.
Ooops, forgot to say that the layout by Jen is super duper !! Greens and Blues together are a bit of a fav here at the moment. Lovely photos too !!
Debbie K
lol Chris, those CM girls would have been cursing you, you've used a coloured background!!!!!

Love the layout Julie did for you and I hadn't seen the one Jen did for you before..it's amazing. It does want to make you jump in the pool.
Those Lo's and cards are just so fantastic!!!! You were very spoilt!!! But hey you deserve it
Hiya Chris

Sorry I missed your birthday too! Loving your blog "Gran".

Debbie xx
Chris, happy belated birthday, Love all your birthday goodies, glad to see your first layout still exists, destroyed mine years ago!lol
Lee M
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