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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Happy Birthday to Jack!!!

And me! Yes, that's right, another year older! And I share my b'day with my terrific nephew Jack! He turned 6 today and well, I was just a bit older than him!LOL (32, shh!) It was also my brothers b'day yesterday and here we all are pictured today when we went for a picnic at the park!
I was sooooooo spoilt and was totally surprised to receive this fabulous camcorder from Jason and the girls! It's so tiny! And Annaliese also picked out a foot massager that plugs into the USB port of my hard drive! I also got some very cute MM charms and chains from the sweet Rozzy during the week!
Jason is being a clown in this photo as usual!!LOL
More show and tell today! I did a photo swap with Jen and it was quite the challenge with 9 photos! So I created the little mini fold out album for the bulk of the photos! How gorgeous are her girls! This was fun!(the edge of the layout is actually the pink, just put it on the black cardstock to photograph it!) And lastly today, one of the lovely ladies on the Scrap Needs forum - Beck, makes these amazing baby dolls! Go and check out her fantastic work here!
I know, I know, I'm going soft in my old age, but they are so cute!LOL

Thanks to everyone for the lovely, lovely b'day emails, texts and wishes today! I'm a lucky girl to be blessed with wonderful family and friends in my life!

I'm so pleased you had a awesome day with your family!!!
That camera is tiny!!!! What a spoilt girl + what clever thinking of A!!!!
Love Jen's LO + how you used all those pics.
Man you have being a busy girl.
Enjoy the rest of the day + don't you just love my lastest pic on my blog!!!..........hehehehehehehe
PS forgot to wish Jack a HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!!!! HBDay Jack!!
Happy Birthday - hope you had a wonderful day!

Beck XXX
Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!
Wow you sure have been busy lately!!! I am never dissapointed when I see your work!!! Stunning as usual!!
Have a lovely day!!
Hi Chris - sending you some cyber hugs on your special day :)
Happy Birthday, Chris.
Wow you did get spoilt you lucky thing!! That LO is gorgeous....as is all your stuff!
oh i hope you had a great day chris - you share your birthday also with my darling niece bianca who is one today and my "new" brother brett.
how teeny tiney is your camera...??? i hope you don't lose it !!!
thanks for the link to your friends "baby" page - how clever is she and how just gorgeous are the finished products.

Hey Chris,
Happy Birthday for yeasterday, how spoilt were you you lucky thing.
Loving your page, how do you find the time you have been on a roll latley.
Happy Birthday Chris!!!! Hope you had a great day!
Happy Birthday Chris!!!!!! Looks like you had such a fun day!! Also happy birthday to Jack, and love your pressie.. lol..

Awesome layout.. bling is SOOO in in America atm lol.. looks fantastic!

I love the canvas and the keyring holder. Your girls are just so beautiful and I hope Annalise loves preschool.

Finally.....happy belated Birthday!!!!!
HAPPPPPYYYYYY Birthday Chris!! 32 wahoo! You beat me out by only a couple of months - so I must say 1974 was a FABULOUS year to be born!
Glad you had a sensational day, and the gift fairy certianly went all out for you, fabulous!!
Lee L.
PS: Gorgeous LO too!!
Well it sure looks like you had a wonderful day, and look at that camera, lucky you.
Happy Birthday Chris!!!
Happy Birthday! xoxo
Happy birthday, Chris! It's good to see you got thoroughly spoilt :)
Happy Birthday to you and Jack. Hope you got totally spoilt too, looks like you might have a bit. Beautiful LO too.
Ruthy x
Happy Birthday Chris. Love the layout and your canvas and everything else LOL.
It was my daughter Emma's birthday yesterday the 5th. We had twelve 14 year olds here for the weekend.
Wow, lucky you with some fabulous pressies !!
Excellent job on that layout.
Glad you had an awesome day.
Debbie K
Glad to hear you had a fabulous birthday Chris!!
Happy birthday for Saturday! So I am a bit slow off the mark with birthday congrats but I havent had a chance to blog stalk over the last couple of days! LOL!
Glad to hear you had a great day :)

I love the look of your camera YUMMO!
Chris I missed your birthday. Hope it wasas special as you are.
Big hugs.
Happy B'late Birthday Chris :) .. glad to here you had such a great day..
Loving your work at the moment to Chris, your creations are nothing short of mind blowing!!
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