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Thursday, February 16, 2006


I've been having a play with my new MM foam stamps (thanks Kell!) I did a bit of doodling and even pulled out the fabric paints for this one! I loved this pic of Annaliese and wanted to do something fun with it! I think I need another go at this whole freestyle concept!LOLHere's another one I did a few weeks ago (remember the new shoes I bought, they inspired this layout??) and just needed to finish it off a bit better and have added the hanging thongs (thanks Roz) and the flower stamps and journalling. The paper I've used under the photo was the tissue paper inside the box! Not a lot else happening at the moment. I'm about to start working on my swap tags for the Scrap Needs retreat that is just 4 weeks away now!!!

PERFECT Chris - wow you are just OBBER Talanted!! - If you ever do classes let me know!! I'd pull out my paper supplies for you!! ROFL :)

I still am jealous over those shoes - I tried to find them but couldn't see them anywhere! LOL! Ahh well they wouldn't have fit I'm sure like must slip ons now days [my feet must of got fat ROFL]

have a great weekend!
just stunning los chris - as always.
i love how you have incorporated the tissue paper from inside the showbox on your lo - just too clever.

shazz xo
oh wow Chris, I just LOVE your freestyle LO, it looks so awesome :)

that LO inspired from the shoes is gorgeous too :) Wish i could wear gorgeous shoes like yours! you will have to take a photo of your feet in them and scrap that :D
Chris your layouts are just gorgeous, love, not like love !! the doodled layout.

Thanks for visit.

I think your freestyle LO looks kool Chris!!! Love all the stamps!! I think i need another play with my ones!!
Love them shoes too!! How gorgeous are they!!!
I love your freestyle layout as well, very funky! I love the changes you have made to the shoe inspired layout as well.
I love that freestyle Chris!! you are so clever, i can't even doodle on notepads...I would never be brave enough to do it on a page!
That is the cutest photo.. tongue out and all... Those tags for the retreat are driving me insane! arrgghhh... the reason I havnt been able to get anything else done!

Much love ya talented thing you!

Libby Morris
AWESOME layouts Chris....love the top one especially...very funky!!!

Love your 'stylin! Can't wait to see more of it ;)
Gorgeous layouts Chris. Doodling is fun isn't it. I want those MM stamps too. You're very clever. Cool shoes too.
Ooh that last one was me, Lianne.
Love the freestyle Chris!
How clever to get inspiration from shoes!! Wowie!
WOW Chris these layouts are just gorgeous!! Love love love them!
CHris, these pages are just incredible!! Look at you go freestyle- just awesome!!
Man you never cease to amaze me woman!!! Those LO's are way to cool!!! How much fun is that doodling and freestyle!!! Love what you have done!!
WOW...gorgeous, gorgeous layouts Chris. You are so full of talent, I'm loving everything you do.
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