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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Rock Climbing

We gave the girls the choice of going rock climbing or to the pool this morning and they chose the rock climbing as you can see by the photos! My brother and Jack also came and we all had a good time! The kids struggled a bit because their arms and legs weren't quite long enough at times, but said at the end that they wanted to come again some time! I even had a go and my brother pulled out the camera a bit too late, but you can still see me in that sexy harness!LOL Jason is like a little spider man and can just run up the wall!
Yesterday I met with the fabulous Miss Shari (who's b'day it is today HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARI!) for a coffee, we did a spot of shopping and also lunch and it was a very relaxing and wonderful way to spend the day! Thanks Shari!! Here's a lovely close up shot of us!LOL

*I will up load the rest of my layouts for Ali's challenge tomorrow!

How fun does that rock climbing look!!! How kool that your girls wanted to do it and want to go back!!! Great pics Chris!! Thanks for sharing!!
my kids love rock climbing too - don't know that they make harnesses big enough for my big butt though.
so glad you had a great visit with shari.

Ouch..... I'll have to loose a few kilos or so before I remotely think of doing such a thing as rock climbing. We've got one of them in Warwick too with our pool/ gym etc. Sounds like you had fun though! Time with Shari always fun!!!!!
goodness me - i was in no way implying that your butt was big chris - what i meant was that MY butt was too big for the harnesses.

what a cool outing!!! looked like lots of fun.
Mines being filled with interviews + sleeping!!!
My older boys have done the rock climbling with the church youth but the twins haven't yet, I think I may just have to take them!

The girls looked like they had a ball. :)
That rock climbing looks like such fun!!!! No where here to do that type of thing though.
Wow Chris you and Jason think of some pretty cool things to do with the kids!!! Glad you all had a great day :)

Sal :)
What a cool day out - I think I need to send the boys for a bit of rock climbing one day - looks great Chris!!! Thanks too for the birthday wishes and the fabulous girlie day out on Friday - we must do it again SOON!!!! Shari xxx
Love of those LO's....glad you all had fun rockclimbing!!!
oooh that rock climbing looks like great fun.....happy Birthday Shari! great pics :)
Chris your layouts are cool. Rock climbing is fun isn't it. Good on you for doing it too.
Chris, you are such a wonderful mum. You are always giving you children new and exciting experiences.
Good for you for giving it a go Chris !! Were you sore afterwards???


Debbie K
Hi Chris, don't think I've ever posted on your blog before, so just wanted to say hi!
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