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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Some Creating!

This flu is still hanging on, but feeling a bit better! I also started Optifast last week and lost 2.9 kilo's! YAY!! I just went and got some more for this week as I thought I'd keep going on it while I have the momentum happening! The lady at the chemist threw in one of the new optifast chocolate bars, which you use as a replacement meal and she assure me that it tasted really nice - not the case! It was so foul! I'll stick to the shakes thanks!!!LOL

Leisa Barwell from Scrapsidaisy on the NSW coast sent me some more yummy products to play with this week. I love this photo of Shayla from our Xmas photo shoot last year and I'm also loving the 8.5x11 size!I also made this clipboard! I love these 'we r memory keepers' papers because they are double sided, I think all pattern paper should be double sided!!!

Oooooh, lovely job Chris !! Clever idea to put those little tags in the centre of the flower on the clipboard.
Nice A4 layout too. Yes, she's gorgeous !!
Happy to hear that you are feeling a little better.
Debbie K
you amaze me chris.....look at these wonderful los/projects you have created despite being sick.
love the pic of shayla too

Beautiful work Chris. Glad to hear you starting to feel a little better.

Your work always blows me away Chris! I LOVE the 8.5x11 layout!
well done Chris!!! that is fab on the loss!!

loving the work to by the way, always do
Love Love your LO. Your girls are so stunning and I love the flower on the clip board and the STITCHIN'! Hope you better soon, anyway your scrappin' on fire!
Wow Chris you do 8 1/2 x 11 so well. GORGEOUS layout and the clipboard makes me wan to run my hand over it and touch it.

Beautiful work Chris. :)
Loving that clipboard!!! Glad to see that you are feeling better.
Hope youve kicked all of that flu Chris.

Love your work! Absolutely gorgeous!!
Glad that you're feeling better. That layout is great - love the clean white background, and the strips of journaling.
yaaahhh at your 2.9kgs girl! I might have to get more information off you lol

LOVING your work! Just gorgeous, even while being fluey, you rock :)
Hi Chris, love the clipboard!! Are they lil davis wood words??
So glad to hear the flu is abating some. It's so awful being sick.

It certainly hasn't stopped you creating masterpieces though Chris...these are gorgeous.
Gorgeous LO Chris!!! Lovely clipboard as well. Obvioulsy being sick has no effect upon your creativity!
Holy Cow Chris!!! This are amazing - YOU are so amazing!!!

Megan xx

PS Congrats on the 2.9 kgs!! Well done :-)
Hmmm...2.9kg, go Chris!
Love your work as usual!!!!
Loving that layout Chris! and the clipboard is fantastic!
just stunning Chris, you are so clever I love what you do with flowers!
ooohhhhhhhhh LOVE the clipboard!!!
And you know I already love the LO's.
Glad to hear that you are feeling better + SKINNER!!!!
Hi Chris. I'm doing Optifast too and it is great! So easy. Do you know about the forum? http://www.opti-support.com/

Kathy F
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