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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A summer flu!

I've just been struck down by a summer flu! Not nice at all! I've been madly drinking hot lemon drinks to make myself better. Just glad I got it now and not at the retreat!

Wow, what a supportive bunch you are! Thanks so much everyone for firstly the advice on kids and eating! I have happy news to say that both girls ate some chicken last night!!!!!WOOHOO!! They also had some sausages one of the nights which they ate - but they do like sausages. They didn't touch their steak and vegies one of the night, but I think slowly bit by bit! I loved everyones suggestions and will be trying all of them starting with Anthea's spag bog idea tomorrow night! Cutting out afternoon tea was hard for the first couple of days but they are getting use to it now. Good luck to all the other struggling parents out there too! It's nice to know I'm not alone!

And the advice on what to do with the blurry photo was fantastic too, thanks guys! I've tried a few of the suggestions and the wonderful Lee also had a go at altering it for me with a great result. Not sure what I'll go with but look out for a layout using the photo soon! (And Janine's wonderful title idea!)

I've heard that the new FK is out, so I can show my very first project that I did on the DT now! I love this photo, but I think my style has change a bit even from doing this layout 4 months ago!(the theme for this project was 'pink' if you hadn't guessed!LOL)

hope that yukky flu soon goes away for you - not much fun eh!!!
Oh I loved that LO when I was at your place. WOW was it that long ago you did it. Can't wait to see it in print.
Glad to hear the girls are eating well. Keep it up!!!
take care + tell those bugs to pack their bags + leave!!!!
Hi Chris,

I love the layout, it is fantastic. I have also been struck by the summer flu, such a pain.

Hope you feel better soon.
Nicole Cornwill
Shame to hear you're sick Chris, hopefully you'll shake that bug before you go away.

Sensational layout btw. :)
Hi Chris - sorry to hear you are not well :-( This layout is awesome, and CONGRATULATIONS for your place on the FK DT. Everything you do is so fresh and funky - I love it all!!

Megan xx
Sorry to hear your ill, hope you improve real soon. Wow new mag out again already! Love the bling on your LO, will have to look out for it. congratulations on your debute as a DT in FK's.
Oh hope you are feeling better really soon. There is nothing worse.
Loving that layout!
Woo Hoo !! First LO as DT member !! YAY !!! Great stuff and love the layout.
Hope you are on the improve with the flu and yes, just as well getting it now instead of feeling miserable at the SN retreat. Although, it would have good if it didn't come along at all....now just pray the kids don't get it !!
Deb x
Loved what you have done with the monogram on this layout - extrememly cool!!! I know what you are saying about style changing, I felt exactly the same about my layouts. I think the last 4 months have seen radical changes in the scrapbooking industry toward a much more open yet funky style.
Loved your L/O in FK. For me it was one of the highlights this month in the mag. I have found a fellow PINK addict. JK has challenged me to do a l/o without pink in it - my addiction is so bad! -lol.

Get better soon hon
Hey CHris, hope you are feeling better soon girl! I had it last week, and what a silly time of year to get one eh!

Love the pink LO :)
Hope you're feeling better now Chris. Its good to hear that you're having some success with the eating thing. Love the layout!
I hope the flu is short lived. Summer flues are yucky!

Gorgeous LO. I really must get to the shop and get my hands on the new FK.
Shane got it too, I put it down to stress! Hope you are feeling better soon.

love the LO in FK to, BEAUTIFUL!!
Chris I bought my FK today and I saw this page, and had to let you know what a great layout. Just love it.

Hope you feel better soon.
Love the layout and the photo.
Hope u r feeling a lot better now. A glass of straight brandy will do u wonders. LOL. Thanks for ur messages on my blog. A big hug to u from me.
I really love that layout Chris with all it's sparkle - yummy.
I'm so glad I'm over the eating problems with my kids - now it's getting them to stop. I had those same probs when they were little I even took James to a dietician but he was fine.
Don't you just hate summer colds, In winter time you can snuggle up and have homemade chicken noodle soup. But it's just tooo hot in the summer.

Hope your feeling better real soon.
Love the layout, just gorgeous!
Oh thats summer flu sucks so bad.....hope you are feeling better now!

Love that page....such a gorgeous pic!
Loved this when you first sent it through to me and I still do.

Hope your feeling better

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