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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thank you Ruth!!!

I got the loveliest surprise in the mail today! Ruth sent me this gorgeous layout she created! Look past the big ugly mug in the middle and look at the gorgeous stitching this girl does!!! The combination of diamonds, flowers and paisley design is just super! I also love the way you've done my name!!! Thanks so much Ruth, you certainly made my day!!!!
I did this layout a few weeks ago, around Valentines day, so I must have been feeling romantic! This is a photo of Jason and I when we were about 19 at a friends party. The title is 'A love that lasts' and Jason wanted me to put in brackets (and hair that doesn't) - He's now bald!LOL

Little foot note about the girls eating their dinner. Both ate whiting fish fillets last night!! Small steps, but we're getting there!

Oh you lucky girl! What an awesome surprise for you. Just beautiful.
Loving your layout too.
this is gorgeous christine - both the lo ruthy did for you (what a sweetie she is) and the lo you did...i think i have some of those claspy-thingys (don't you just love my wealth of scrapping terminology...???) and now thanks to you i have an inkling of how to use them.
yay for the girls and eating the fish.

As I was surfing around today looking for detailed info on baby first furniture I somehow ended up on your page. Oh well, back to surfing and I am sure I will find what I am looking for, and should you ever need information about baby first furniture, then stop by for a look. Thanks for the post.
nike baby shoes chris.......??????????
is there something you want to tell us...?????????????


I love your layout and Ruths. That's so nice of her.
lol about the 'hair that doesn't', my dh would have to agree on that one :)
love both the LO's
What a lovely gift from Ruthy !! Beautiful layout, I can understand how thrilled you must have been.

What a cute title of Jason's "and the hair that didn't" That's very funny. Love the little details on this LO, nicely done.

Yay for S & A eating their dinner !!
Debbie K
Oh WOWEEE what super layouts (both your one and Ruths)...amazing girls...simpy amazing!!!

Hey Chris, it was an absolute pleasure to do one for you. Love the way you used the frame on the layout and that ribbon with the buckle,I'll have to get me one of those!
wow, what a amazing LO!!!
so much detail!

Love what DH said about the hair too!!!! LOL.

thankyou for your comments about my 'problem' but I am going to worry about my family now, they are whats important now.

Oh and well done with the Fish!
Chris what great layouts, look awesome, I especially like to top one with the stitching really nice.

Can you believe it? When blog surfing for detailed info on baby consignment store I ended up on your page. Obviously it is not exactly what I was searching for, but your site caught my interest. Just wanted to drop a quick note to comment your blog...now to move on and continue my search for baby consignment store. Should the need ever arise where you need information on baby consignment store then drop by for a look.
Gorgeous layouts Chris and I love what you have done with your banner! got to love those texture shots!!!
Loving the layouts on this entry. How special to have a layout done about you by someone else. wow. your a lucky girl.

Bye the way, lovin you stuff.

Chris....how lucky are you to have someone else scrap a pic of yourself. What a nice thing to do!

I love all your work!

LOVE Ruth's LO - what a lovely surprise!!!
hehehehehhe about Jason's comment!!!
Gorgeous layouts Chris!!!

Firstly, it is NOT a big ugly mug, and secondly - Ruthy has done an AMAZING job on that page!! I love the stitiching she does; it truly makes her pages sensational.

Congrats on getting the girls to eat good food too Chris - it's a major battle in this househole too!

Megan xx
So nice of Ruth to do such amazing lo for you......good for you (with girls eating fish)

Hmmm not sure about the baby thing??
Loving all your work. That lo of you is fab!
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