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Saturday, March 29, 2008


We've been making b'day invites this past month. Firstly for Annaliese's b'day which was on the 10th of March - she turned 7! And now again for Shayla's b'day which is the 10th of April. We went for invites with photos of the girls on them. Shayla helped with hers a lot and decided what sort of photo would look best to depict a slumber party and she also helped put them together.
Here they are:

I've got a feral flu this weekend but I really want to make a start on my kids albums that Nic Howard is inspiring me to do, check out Nic's blog here. I've decided that I'm going to do one for our adopted neighbour Cameron - he spends so much time here that he feels like another member of the family!LOL He was very excited when I took his photo yesterday so that I can make a start on an album for him also.
I'll leave you with a couple of layouts that were up on the ASS Blog this week. Using all Li'l Davis products! Check out Jason's hair in this one!LOL He was 18 in these photos.

Hey Chris!!

Welcome back to blogging! I've been thinking along the same lines....maybe down the track.

Looking forward to keeping an eye on your life again :-)

Megan xx
Hey great to see you back!! :-D

Loving your layouts :D Just beautiful!!
Hey...it's *awesome* to have you back!!
already loving your layouts:)
Fabulous to have you back blogging :) Love the pics of Jason...lol..
Cool that you're back in blogland!

Loving those invites and hehe about Jason looking so young there!
Gorgeous layouts.
I had no idea that your little girl,Annaliese was the same age as my boy, Andrew. He was 7 on 8th March, too, and he had a birthday party. I made the invitations but there are not as fancy as yours. Gorgeous invites.
Hi Chris
We have birthday's galore here too at the moment. Fun Fun Fun!
Congratulations on the units. You must all be feeling so proud.
He He that layout of Jason might just inspire me to pull out some 'old' pics of Mark and myself to scrap. I did say MIGHT!
yay Chris, good to see you back
Wow Chris, how gorgeous are the girls birthday invites!! and your latest layouts, stunning as always. I hope you're feeling better real soon. Axx
those invites are so darn cute Chris and love your pages
Love the invites and layouts Chris. Great to see your blog up and running again. Hope all is well with you and your family.
So excited to have found your blog, Chris!! LOVE those invitations. And the LD layouts are great. The prom one cracks me up!!!
Those invites are tooooo cute Chris love!! Hope she had a wonderful time. :-)
welcome back!

have done the question answer thing for the books... need a few more photos though.

love those owls way up there!
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